Every firm will tell you their people are better. We can tell you why our people are better. Not only do our benefit specialists work on a non-commissioned basis – eliminating the possibility of sales pressure during enrollment – but they also participate in extensive recruitment, training and certification programs provided exclusively by Univers.

We invest heavily in these programs, resulting in outstanding experiences for our clients and their employees. Our benefit specialists gain access to the following professional development and benefit opportunities.

Core and Case-Specific Training

All Univers benefit specialists receive Core Curriculum training, which covers the Univers standards and approach to elevating benefits knowledge. Specialists also receive expert-led, case-specific training before each client case, including a thorough review of the client's benefit offerings.

Univers CertifiedSM Professional Designation

By establishing the first-ever professional certification program for benefit specialists, Univers has raised the industry standards for the practice of one-to-one enrollment. Specialists undergo intensive Web-based training and testing to achieve the Univers Certified designation, and re-certification is required every two years. The opportunity to become Univers Certified attracts the industry's top talent to the Univers team.

Interested in becoming a Univers benefit specialists? Click here to contact our benefit specialist program coordinator.

Special Benefits for Benefit Specialists

Eligible benefit specialists have the opportunity to participate in our LifeFlex benefit program for part-time employees and their families. Benefits include:

Additional benefits available to benefit specialists who meet eligibility criteria include the opportunity to participate in the USI 401(k) retirement savings plan; the opportunity to join Quorum Federal Credit Union; and other perks including specials discounts on travel, entertainment and consumer products.