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We all have different learning styles. And since understanding benefits is hard enough, it's important that your benefit communications are carefully targeted to reach your employees with thoughtful clarity and the delivery method that works best for them. Our award-winning, multi-media communications simplify complex benefits information and breathe relevance into routine concepts.

Univers's customized campaigns encourage employees to understand their options, empower them to make informed decisions, and build an appreciation for the investment your benefits plan represents.

We start by developing clear and concise content that is easy to understand, complemented by innovative creative designs that will lure your employees' attention. Of course, to be effective, the content must reach its audience, which is why Univers puts as much imagination into the delivery of the content as the design.

From traditional benefit guides, to websites accessible at home or on a smart phone, to posts on a social network, just name the medium and Univers has integrated it into a multi-lingual campaign to reach employees. And let's not forget the medium we consider most effective: a direct conversation between one person and another.