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Enrollment & Administration

Where does communication end and enrollment begin? Univers was founded on the principle that honest, expert benefits advice leads to better enrollment outcomes for both employees and employers. And we have the case studies to prove it.

Our multi-lingual Enrollment Center and team of on-location benefit specialists are staffed with licensed professionals who help employees make the right plan choices, leading to greater employee satisfaction, better participation and cleaner data.

If online enrollment is more your style, then it's ours too. We offer a proprietary platform that feeds data right into your HRIS or payroll system. Or, we can utilize your current system, enhancing it with custom benefit education modules and support from our benefit specialists.

Ongoing administration needs? We provide comprehensive online benefits administration, including life event management, robust reporting, efficient data integration and real-time transaction auditing and approval tools.

It all adds up to better participation, superior benefits education, pristine data and efficient execution, 365 days a year.