Case Study

GameStop, world's largest video game retailer, sees 38% and 162% increase in medical and FSA participation respectively, and wins industry awards for best enrollment strategy with Univers communication and enrollment services.
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From print and email campaigns, to social media, to an interactive online video experience, Univers reaches employees the way they expect to be reached in today's "always on" world.

For many Univers clients, communicating complex benefits information to a sizable workforce is a major logistical challenge. Our clients range in size from 500 to 10,000 employees – and in trying to address multiple locations, sheer size of the workforce or employees who work in shifts or out in the field, there are many obstacles to good communication.

Univers specializes in overcoming such logistical challenges through our multi-media communications strategies, which include:

All services are complemented by the ongoing communications tools that are a part of the enrollment itself. Whether you choose a web-based enrollment, a one-to-one experience with our Univers CertifiedSM benefit specialists, a call-center enrollment, or any of our other services, your employees are offered comprehensive information about their benefit options throughout the entire process.