Self-service shouldn't mean that employees are "on their own" at enrollment time. At Univers, we've been working to perfect the benefits enrollment experience for more than two decades. Our priority is to help employees enroll with confidence, regardless of the enrollment method.

When employees enroll using our myUnivers Enroll™ system, they will have the confidence of knowing that they made educated decisions and chose the best options for their families. And HR departments can rest assured that their enrollment process is under control, both at open enrollment time and for new hire on-boarding.

myUnivers Enroll is packed with features that help employees understand the impact of their benefit choices throughout the election process, including:

myUnivers Enroll is designed to enroll both core benefits and a variety of voluntary products, including those that require an electronic signature.

The system is equally functional as a standalone solution or when used in conjunction with your current HRIS system. It serves as a central repository for clean, real-time employee benefits data and ensures that all employee and election data is uniformly captured and tied to your payroll system.

The system is especially effective when used in conjunction with our myUnivers online administration module or with our other enrollment methods, but provides a robust enrollment solution on its own.