We were born and raised in the digital age. From the very start, Univers worked with every technology platform known to the HR and benefits industry before developing our own arsenal of solutions.

By designing technology that is specifically geared to deliver our solutions, we ensure the highest level of process and data integration for our clients. The result? Maximum efficiency and administrative time savings. Our proprietary systems also enable us to adapt to clients' needs and industry changes quickly, rather than being subject to the limitations of third-party software providers.

The myUnivers Platform

The myUnivers™ web-based platform provides a full suite of benefits education, enrollment and administration services. The platform works equally well when used as a standalone solution or when used in conjunction with your current HRIS system.

myUnivers serves as a central repository for clean, real-time employee benefits data and features comprehensive transactional tools. As a critical piece of our benefit communications, enrollment and administration process, the myUnivers platform features the following special modules:

The Univers Mobile App

Our exclusive Univers Mobile App is a new way to help employees and their dependents keep vital personal insurance information – literally, right at their fingertips. Designed for use with any iPhone® iOS or Android™ mobile device, the Univers Mobile App pre-populates specifics relating to an individual's benefit elections across multiple insurance plans, including health, prescription drugs, dental, vision and more. Specifics include policy numbers, co-pay and deductible amounts, carrier contact information and other vital information that in the past would have been distributed across several wallet cards and a stack of at-home paperwork.