"I strongly recommend the Univers solution because it gives employees the opportunity to obtain benefits that they never understood before on their own. In our case it resulted in much happier employees."

— Kevin Rettberg
Risk Manager
Hersha Hospitality

"Benefits can be complicated. Yet, Univers clarifies issues by delivering its communications and processes with true sophisticated simplicity. And this clarity results in a commitment to act."

— Don Gleichman
FPS Wealth Strategies, Inc.

"Univers was very astute in understanding exactly what we wanted to convey."

— Ross Wiltzius
(former) VP of Compensation
Benefits and HR Systems
Calpine Corporation

"What we liked about Univers was their can-do attitude. They were extremely flexible, they listened to our issues, and they adapted to our needs."

— Bob Berglund
Vice President
Risk Management & Benefits
Coast Hotels & Casinos

"The sense of customization and the ability to meet with employees really differentiated what Univers brought to the table. I think they did a really good job of listening to the client, and that made a big difference."

— Ben Haas
Senior Vice President, HRH

"Univers has the experience and knowledge to do it from start to finish... I couldn't have been more satisfied."

— John Carroll
Senior VP of Human Resources
Tube City IMS

"It's important that employees understand their hidden paycheck, how much they're paying and what they're getting. We like that employees can talk to a real person instead of just filling out a form."

— Lisa Pintar
HR Manager
TravelCenters of America

"From an HR and compliance standpoint, the Univers system has made our lives so much easier. We're now in compliance under IRS Section 152 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which is not where we would be without a system like this in place."

— Judith Sitton
Benefits Manager
Pilgrim's Pride